VÍZeum - an exhibition where you can find out everything about water

What does a water machine do? What did the sellers of the Danube water do and when was the first soda water made? The permanent exhibition of the Danube Museum of Esztergom called VÍZeum will prove to be interesting to all members of the family.

The exciting exhibition will bring the history and scene of water management to life, and visitors will hear many interesting things about river regulation, major innovations regarding waters and changes in the Earth's water resources.

The huge water machine shows how the power of water can be utilized, what Bulgarian market-gardeners and Danube water sellers did, and how water-millers and gold-washers operated daily.

In the navigation room, special miniature ships recall the early days of navigation on the Danube, but the exhibition also showcases the history of swimming from Prehistory to Modern times, and specifically covers the memories related to Esztergom. The exhibition also sheds light on the ‘invention’ of the soda water, the environment of mineral and medical waters, and the impact of climate change on wildlife and the water reserves of the planet.

Many new information can be processed in an atmospheric rest area, the "Pensive", where movies, animations, peaceful lights and music are displayed on the two sides of the room and on the ceiling.  Read more about the exhibition here.


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