Museum education sessions for children

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Esztergom, Budapest

What does it take to be a knight, how to collect art treasures and why is the winged altar called a medieval comic strip? Several institutions in our archdiocese offer museum education sessions with museum explorer and guided tours for the young and for families.

Museum of Christian Art

During the sessions, featured works of art are presented to the young in a playful way, and the museum's collections are made more accessible through creative activities. In this way, they may not only learn about Christian culture and art, but also discover the joys of visiting a museum. Further details on the sessions and free rail travel for groups of students can be found here.

Esztergom Basilica

What is the message of statutes? What animal figures are hidden in the works of art? And what treasures are hidden in the Treasury? Children can learn about the various parts and the history of the Basilica through seven themed walks and activities for different age groups, while in the Treasury they can participate in a coronation ceremony. Further information on the sessions is available here.

Budapest-Inner City Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

After the visit, a so-called Kahoot game is organised for groups of children, during which they are quizzed on the information provided during the guided tour. To participate, you will need a smartphone – free Wi-Fi is provided by the church. For further information, please look for the contact on the website of the church.

Matthias Church

Guided tours with different themes, as well as museum education activities are offered for children, including a craft programme. These include a tour of the special world of glass windows, ornamented initials and codices, while the #saints programme allows young people to imagine a non-digital Instagram profile of saints associated with the church. Further information are available on the guided tours and programmes here

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