On the path of our most famous frescoes

Explore our archdiocese's works of art of unparalleled beauty and discover what these monumental murals tell us. Step into the church halls and library rooms and you'll discover beautiful picture albums.

The largest painting in the world, 13.5 metres high and 6.6 metres wide, painted on a single canvas by Michelangelo Grigoletti, entitled The Assumption of Mary, can be admired in the high altar of the Basilica of Esztergom. But the frescoes above the side altars and the paintings of the four great Western church fathers at the base of the dome are also worth a look, and you can learn about the history of their creation during guided tours.

One of the most beautiful pieces of winged altarpiece painting, the Calvary Altarpiece by Tamás Kolozsvári, is on display at the Christian Museum. It houses the richest ecclesiastical collection in Hungary and the only authentic portrait of Bálint Balassa. The museum's permanent exhibition can also be visited online.

The particularly beautiful staircase, decorated with seccos can be found in the Esztergom Cathedral Library, designed by József Hild, one of the richest ecclesiastical libraries in Hungary, which also houses the world's heaviest decorative codex, the Bakócz Gradual. You can also take a virtual tour of the library's rooms by clicking here.

A large fresco on the ceiling of the Pauline Library, preserved in its original state, depicts female figures representing the various sciences, in the style of the handmaidens of theology. With its monumental fresco and beautifully carved, glossy furniture, the institution is considered one of the most beautiful Baroque library rooms in our country.

Its ceiling frescoes of exceptional beauty and the harmony of Baroque splendour, rich in sculptures and gilded inlays, will impress all who enter the University Church of Budapest. One of the most beautiful Baroque church buildings in Hungary, preserved in its original state, it can be visited on a guided walk along with its monastery garden. Read more about the church here

A recently discovered Anjou-period fresco on the wall of the Budapest-Belváros Main Parish Church depicting the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus. The mid-14th century fresco of the Madonna Enthroned was discovered on the wall behind the sanctuary in 2010 and in surprisingly intact condition. Click here for guided tours.


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