Secret gardens and squares downtown

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From the street, nothing can be seen, just a battered façade, an obscure gateway, and a massive double door. Do you want to know what is hiding inside?

Step in with us, and you will find yourself in a magical world of centuries-old trees, colorful flowers, marble wells and shady benches along the winding paths – green oases in the midst of the concrete jungle, which reveal the harmonious coexistence of man and nature in an urban environment, and invite us to rest and to contemplate. These inner gardens and parks squatting among the apartment houses guard the secrets of their onetime residents: they tell us stories of glory and defeat, love and death – and thus make the history of the city living and tangible.

During our 2.5-hour walk we gain access to some beautiful private gardens which are otherwise closed to the public; we also visit a cloister garden and one of the prettiest inner-city parks. While you learn a lot about the development and the botanical curiosities of Budapest, you can be carried away by the true tales of a long-ago town.

If you are interested in this walking tour, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Price: 4500 HUF / 15 EUR

Length of trip: 150 minutes

Meeting point: Deák Square (5th district), at the entrance of Starbucks Coffee (MAP)

How to get there: On foot from Deák Square (metro1, 2, 3, bus, tram)

Itinerary: Deák square - Kammermayer Károly square - Vitkovics Mihály street - Kossuth Lajos street - Egyetem square - Károlyi garden - Museum Boulevard - Ötpacsirta Street - Kálvin Square

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