Have a date with the queen of instruments!

The Archdiocese of Esztergom-Budapest is organizing its first thematic walk in cooperation with Imagine Budapest, which will showcase the organs in the city center. The three-hour program offers a real concert experience: at each station, all participants can listen to inspirational live music.

If an organ begins to sing, music fills the air. The sound of organs penetrates even the most hidden places, surrounds listeners in the church, caresses the paintings, statues, and reaches beyond the walls, into the street. Anyone who has ever heard a beautiful organ play knows exactly why they call it the queen of all musical instruments: her function is complex, the sound both delicate and powerful, while her appearance is breathtaking.

But how can the organ pipes be played? What else can we discover about a church by looking down from the gallery? And who decides what tunes to play on the organ?  The answers will be provided by tour guide Gyula Lendvai, the cantor of Inner City St. Michael church and deputy cantor of many other churches.

Places we will visit: Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Inner-City Church of St.Michael, University Church, Inner-City Church of the Franciscans

The route of the walk: Március 15. tér – Váci utca – Egyetem tér – Ferenciek tere

Price: 5,190 HUF/person

• For more information about tour dates, please click here.


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