Gastro tour underneath the Basilica

Start the day off with coffee and fine pastries at Rondella Café, dine at St. Adalbert restaurant, and end the day by tasting the dishes and wines of the Carpathian Basin at Prímás Pince (Primate Cellar).

Rondella Café

Sunrise may find you in the coziest café of Esztergom sipping coffee and munching on a ham and cheese croissant or some irresistible strudel.  The scene is made complete by the unique background provided by the Basilica and the statue Miklós Melocco depicting the coronation of St. Stephen, causing guests to feel as if they were having breakfast in the garden of the Basilica. The Rondella Café can, of course, be visited during the day, before or after a walk in Várhegy.

The café is open seasonally. Discover opening hours and daily offers on its Facebook page..

St. Adalbert Event Center

If you don't want to spend too much time on lunch, but you wish to taste some fine dishes, you must visit St. Adalbert Event Center the historic quarter of the Esztergom. The self-service restaurant of the building complex, which also houses Esztergom Theological College, awaits guests with daily, diverse menus.

The three to four types of soup and meals per day usually include a vegetarian choice as well, plus an extra menu is available for dessert and special dishes.

Current offers are listed here.

Prímás Pince (Primate Cellar)

What would you say to an unforgettable dinner, where the drink recommended for you was specifically selected for your chosen dish from among hundreds of other wines? The touristic, gastronomic and wine culture center, located under the Basilica of Esztergom, introduces the flavors and wine-growing regions of the Carpathian Basin.

In Prímás Pince (Primate Cellar), dishes are made from regional ingredients via modern cooking technology, and the menu includes such specialties as traditional buffalo goulash soup, Swabian cheese noodles with pumpkin-seed salad, but you may opt to order fogash fillet with celery purée, a roast as in Vas with baked mangalitza sausage and mash potatoes with onion, or Somloi Trifle with walnut ice cream. Before making your selection, remember to study the “Chef’s offer”, which is a seasonal gourmet menu.

If you have time, go visit the restaurant’s cellar system, which spans nearly 3000 square meters and offers wine tasting events.

The offer of Prímás Pince (Primate Cellar) is found on this website.

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