Boat cruise on the Danube Bend

See the sights of the Danube Bend from the water! If you break the cruise and take a short trip around the area, you can discover a range of sights and churches.

Mahart PassNave Kft.’s hop-on-hop-off cruises require a day ticket, which allows you to hop on and off the boat at any port on the day, and you can also interrupt your journey at any time.

Visegrád-Nagymaros-Zebegény-Dömös-Nagymaros-Visegrád route: Take a boat trip in the heart of the Danube Bend! If you want to break the cruise, you can organise a short excursion to attractions such as the Calvary at Nagymaros, the parish church of King St. Stephen and the provostry ruins in Dömös.

Esztergom-Zebegény route: See the Esztergom Castle and the Basilica from the water! When you arrive in Zebegény, you can take a trip to the Rock Chapel and have a good rest on the town's famous beach.

Szentendre-Leányfalu-Tahitótfalu-Visegrád-route: Explore the area's churches by boat! The parish church of St. Anne in the village of Leányfalu, which houses several works of arts of famous artists, and the parish church of St. John the Baptist in Szentendre are well worth a visit.

Although limited, the Szentendre-Visegrád and Vác-Visegrád services are also available.

The boats on the route also carry bicycles (for an additional HUF 500 on top of the daily fare), so you can combine the boat trip with a bike tour: cycle along the illuminated Esztergom cycle path, unique in Hungary, all the way to Búbánatvölgy, or explore the small churches of the Danube Bend on two wheels!

You can find the boat timetable and the attractions here.

You can find a map of cycle routes here.

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