Wild SUP trip on the Danube

Think of how many significant historical events this old river has seen in over 1000 years. What secrets might it hold? Grab a paddle and discover Esztergom from a SUP board from a unique perspective! Even if you've never tried the sport before.

SUPport Esztergom also offers beginners an easy, invigorating SUP tour of an hour and a half, which will certainly change the way you look at the city. 

The Wild Little Danube SUP tour starts from the south-western tip of Prímás Island, and the organisers will shuttle participants from the city centre. From here, they paddle - or rather splash - down the Danube. 

The 3 km hike is set against a backdrop of stunning scenery in the first part of the tour and then centuries-old buildings. Passing the famous 100-year-old chestnut tree line and then a plane tree line, hikers can admire the Basilica and Castle Hill from the water, while being in the heart of the city and close to nature at the same time.

The SUP-port not only provides full SUP equipment and guiding, but also a 0.5 litre bottle of chilled mineral water per person and a transfer from the meeting point to the starting point. The programme can also be extended with a nice lunch or dinner: if you buy the ticket, which costs 2600 HUF more, you will get an artisan hamburger and a welcome drink at the Nautilus Boat Bar, a restaurant in Esztergom with special atmosphere.

The Wild Little Danube SUP tours will run until 31 October, but the organisers are also looking forward to SUP Extreme trips for advanced SUP riders in late autumn and winter. 



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