Prímás Pince (Primate Cellar)

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2500 Esztergom, Szent István tér 12.

A place where you can re-taste the flavors of the Carpathian Basin. A place that is the same age as the current Cathedral and one that goes beyond classic restaurants with its almost 3,000 square metres of basement space and breathtaking architecture.

Located just downwards from the Esztergom Basilica, within the historical walls of the tourist, gastronomic and wine culture centre, Prímás Pince (Primate Cellar) is a venue with modern gastronomic spirit, and its wine tunnel presents the wine regions of the Carpathian Basin through a selection of almost a hundred different wines. The ingredients used for preparing the dishes are produced in the region, which, together with the cellar's wine list, make for a memorable culinary experience; in addition, it is not uncommon for the wine tunnel to host guided wine tastings.

On the menu, you will find a variety of regional dishes, dishes combining national traditions with modern gastronomic elements, and dishes typical of the Hungarian Carpathian Basin. In addition to a permanent selection of dishes, the restaurant also offers regularly renewed seasonal specials and 6-7 course gala dinners, which are created on the basis of individual orders. In addition, the cellar's café and pastry shop offers locally made cakes and coffee specialties, while the gift shop offers culinary products and handcrafted souvenirs.

Whether a family gathering, a wedding, or a corporate event, Prímás Pince (Primate Cellar) provides a special venue for any occasion, with an atmosphere that easily amazes visitors. A wide selection of wines and other beverages, professional service, an event organizer and technical equipment are provided, and guests are offered free use of the parking lot and accommodation in the two buildings of Hotel Adalbert nearby.

Useful tip: Use the panoramic elevator for increased comfort!

From the gift shop, you can also take the glass elevator to the upper level of Castle Hill, where Esztergom Basilica and the Royal Castle are located.

2500 Esztergom, Szent István tér 12.

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