Take a long walk at Prímás-island!

The Danube island near the inner city of Esztergom has five bridges connected to it and has a length of 2.7 kilometers in the river. Primate Island, which is closely aligned with the coastline of the municipality, is an ideal location for ample walks, quiet contemplations and for experiencing how ships elegantly float into the harbor.

There are several sports fields on the island, but the Gesztenye avenue and the Nagy-Duna path also offer a grate environment for a walk after dinner or an evening bike ride. Danube’s walk is also an atmospheric route. Via the latter, the quiet, waterside Palovics bench can be accesses, which is not only visited by those needing a rest, but by loving couples as well.

A little further away we are now at the Esztergom ship station, which hosts winged vessels and excursion boats, and the nearby Maria Valeria Bridge is perfect for walking to Párkány in just a few minutes. On the bridge we see the Várhegy and the building of the basilica with its dignified, beautiful architecture.

Located at a walking distance from the island are the following: Széchenyi tér, Basilica, Christian Museum and Balassa Bálint Museum.

Beaches, baths: It is forbidden to take a bath in the Danube, but Aquasziget is an adventure, medical and thermal bath nearby in the island, and the Szent István Strandfürdő of the city is also available.

Restaurant: Visitors of the Primate Island have multiple restaurants to choose from, but the winning dishes of the cooking competition organized during the Ízek Korok Hangulatok Festival can only be tasted in the Mediterraneo Restaurant.



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