Small churches in the Danube Bend: discovery on two wheels

Go on a pilgrimage by bicycle and discover the little churches and chapels of the Danube Bend on two wheels, safely, via bicycle routes.

St. Anna's Parish Church in Leányfalu

The altar piece of the neo-Gothic style church consecrated in 1892 was created by painter Nyula Udvardy, the glass windows were painted by Miksa Róth, and the mosaic above the entrance was created by Lajos Deák-Ébner. For more information click here.

Parish Church of Saint John of Nepomuk, Dunabogdány

The church, named after the protector of rivers, bridges, boatmen, was built in 1939-40. Have a look at the church garden, where the memorials of war victims and expulsed Swabians are located.  In the garden wall, several elements of an 18-century church were integrated, including some ornate pillars. You can read more about the church here.

St Donat Calvary Chapel, Dunabogdány

The late-Baroque church built in 1829 and the calvary make it worthwhile to take on the small elevation in the road: the carvings of Chaplain Ferencz Berecz adorn the stations, and from this point, there is a beautiful view of the island of Szentendre and Naszály. It is the perfect place for contemplation. You can find the exact location of the chapel here.

Chapel of St. Fabian and Sebastian, Dunabogdány

In the place of a chapel that had collapsed during a flood, a tiny, late-Baroque church was built in 1844, whose fresco of the Holy Trinity was made by Antal Scholz. The little chapel can be found at the southern gate of the village, please click here for details.

Kisoroszi Szentolvasó Királynéja Parish Church

Get sailing, because this single-nave Baroque church built in the 18th century has real treasures. The altar image in the shell-ornated, violin-shaped frame displays the naval battle of Lepanto, while the red marble temple of the church originates from the Bakócz chapel of Esztergom and was moved here in 1800, along with four statues. For more information click here.

 A map of the cycle roads can be found here.

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