A snail train ride to the unicorns

After a ride through the town in the red and black train, the riders of the small train of Esztergom, which resembles old steam locomotives, can take part in an interactive exhibition of the Christian Museum.

The characteristic little train of Esztergom begins its journey near the Basilica, puffs along Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street, passes by Pázmány Péter Catholic University, then heads towards Prímás Island via the Little Danube, where it reaches its final destination under the Castle, Mindszenty square. The timetable for the small train is found here.

The Christian Museum is only a short walk from here, where children can take part in interactive educational events appropriate for their age. The pedagogical methods available at the museum help even the youngest ones to discover the museum and learn how interesting an object can be and how to understand complex religious issues.

Kindergarteners can hear stories about the gardens of the Christian Museum, the birds of Saint Francis, and discover via the thematic sessions whether dragons really exist.

Primary school visitors will learn what a triptych and a comic book have in common, and discover special facts about the strange, mystical creatures and beings displayed on the works of art, such as griffins and unicorns.

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