A Gastronomic Journey into the World of 19th Century Cardinals

Taste the favourite dishes of the former prince prelates in truly special places; the Primate's Cellar, hidden under the Esztergom Basilica, and the Panorama Café of the Basilica, almost 60 metres above the ground!

We invite you on an exciting gastronomic journey inspired by our unique recipe book "Dishes from the Cardinal's Table". The book, which can be used both as a cultural history curiosity and as a cookbook, is a sophisticated selection of 19th century manuscript recipes in German from the Archbishop Simor Library, which have been hidden until now, and are enriched with explanations and interesting facts. It also includes the dining habits and authentic recipes of the four prince prelates whose names are associated with the building of the Basilica.

The first venue of our tasting, the Prímás Pince (Primate’s Cellar), the same age as the current Cathedral, goes beyond classic restaurants with its almost 3,000 square metres of cellar space and breathtaking architecture. Another special feature is that within the historic walls you can taste a multi-course menu based on the unique recipe book, reimagined for today's times, and gain an insight into the cuisine and dining room of the 19th century Archbishops of Esztergom.

And if you want to taste the desserts of our ancestors while enjoying a picturesque panoramic view, visit the Panoramic Café of the Basilica. Here you will enjoy the gastronomic delights and the magnificent view of the Danube Bend. Our favourite is the lemon cake !

Important: To sample the special 3-course Primate's menu – Hunter’s Soup, Poached Chicken in Sauce, Imperial Lemon Koch - at Prímás Pince, you have to check-in at least 24 hours before arrival. Furthermore, the menu can be booked for a minimum of 10 people. For enquiries and more information:

At the Basilica's Panorama Café, you are welcome to enjoy the Cardinal's cakes and desserts during the usual opening hours!

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