Sweetness with a view

In the coziest café of Esztergom, drinking coffee, tasting fine pastries and irresistible desserts is a unique experience due to the exquisite background of the Basilica and the statue Miklós Melocco depicting the coronation of St. Stephen.

Whether you have just taken a walk at Várhegy or just need a little breather while exploring the city, grab some bites in this special restaurant of Esztergom.

For breakfast - and of course all day - you can order a fruit or cottage cheese filled strudel, or opt for some ham and cheese croissant sandwich. While having your coffee, tea or lemonade, you may feel as though you were wined and dined in the garden of the Basilica.

Have your fill and relax in the immediate vicinity of the major sites of Hungarian history.

The café is open from 11 am to 7 pm each day. It is open seasonally. Discover opening hours and daily offers on its Facebook page.

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